Your child’s early oral development is important in determining their dental health for the rest of their life. How their teeth begin to erupt can often determine they type of dental care they will need in order to grow and develop properly. To learn more about infant tooth eruption in La Jolla, California, and to make your child’s first appointment with our gentle pediatric dentist at Seaside Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Inc, Dr. Anthony Scoma, please call our office at 858-551-9700.

Your child’s baby teeth actually start to form before they are born. These primary teeth may erupt as early as four months of age, beginning with the lower central incisors, and then the upper central incisors. The remaining 20 teeth usually push through the gums by the child’s third birthday. If the eruption of a tooth is delayed, don’t worry! Most delays in the teeth pushing through the gums are not a cause for concern. If the delay goes beyond 6 months, however, you should speak with our pediatric dentist, as it may indicate a more serious problem, and raises the risk of your child experiencing a dental problem later in life.

Permanent teeth begin to erupt at about age six. This developmental milestone begins with the first molars and lower central incisors, and may continue until about age 21. Adults have a total of 28 permanent teeth. When the wisdom teeth, or third molars are included, the number of permanent teeth rises to 32.

To learn more about infant tooth eruption and make your family’s appointment with our pediatric dentist, please call our practice today.