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Is your child beginning to show signs of teething? Teething is a natural, but potentially painful, event in every young child’s life when their first set of teeth finally break the surface of the gums. When breaking the skin, discomfort and pain can be present. Listed below are a few treatment tips that can be used when your children are teething:

– Help your child with teething treatments if their teeth are visibly erupting through the gum line.
– If you suspect your child may be teething, look for signs in their personality, including increases in fussiness and irritability, as well as poor or irregular sleep habits.
– If your child is experiencing severe teething symptoms such as diarrhea, high fevers, or cold chills, visit their pediatrician immediately.
– There are many products that can be used to soothe pain caused by teething, including teething toys, cold spoons, teething rings, and gauze pads. Avoid using teething tablets of children that are not yet at least 2 years old.
– If you have no approved teething devices readily available, you can run your finger across your child’s gum as long as your hands are cleaned and disinfected in advance.

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