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If you have not heard of laughing gas, also called nitrous oxide, our team is happy to fill you in! Laughing gas is a method of sedation dentistry that is offered by several pediatric dentists for children who have anxiety when it comes to receiving dental care. We invite you to learn more about how laughing gas can help your child have a calm and enjoyable dental checkup.

To receive laughing gas, your child wears a mask over their nose to breathe in the gas throughout the visit, with no need to have the sedation injected. The odorless gas is free of any unpleasant smells that could disrupt your child’s relaxation, and it provides a calming effect that quickly occurs so that your child is relaxed as they settle into the dental chair for treatment.

While laughing gas is calming, it doesn’t cause patients to fall asleep. It’s important that your child remain awake and responsive throughout treatment in case our pediatric dentist and team need to voice any questions or instructions. Following the completion of dental care, we can quickly flush the gas by using oxygen so that your child recovers quickly and becomes fully aware by the end of the visit.

Laughing gas is known to be a very safe sedation method for children, though it may not be ideal for every child due to certain conditions that can cause complications. Dr. Anthony Scoma or Dr. Natalie Lam will need to review your child’s health history in advance to ensure they are an ideal candidate for laughing gas and can have an enjoyable dental visit.

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