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Easter is quickly approaching and you’re probably getting ready for the Easter egg hunts, family celebrations and more. As you prepare, it’s best to remember to keep your child’s smile in mind. If you’re not careful, Easter festivities can harm their teeth and gums. So, our pediatric dentists, Dr. Anthony Scoma and Dr. Natalie Lam, encourage you to work toward helping them maintain a healthy Easter smile this year. To do so, we recommend doing the following things:

-Limit their candy consumption: Candy is loaded with sugar, and when they eat it, especially when they eat a lot of it, they increase their chances of developing cavities. So, it’s best to limit their consumption of sugary treats as much as possible.

-Wear a mouthguard: Now, we don’t know what kind of Easter egg hunt they will be participating in, but some hunts can be quite vicious. So, consider having them wear a mouthguard to protect their mile from flying elbows and surrounding trees. This can help them prevent oral injuries, like knocked-out and broken teeth.

-Clean their smile: Make sure to brush their teeth Easter morning and Easter night as well as floss and rinse at least once a day. This can remove the cavity and dental problem-causing substances from their teeth and gums.

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