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Your orthodontic retainer is just like any other orthodontic appliance, which means you need to take good care of it. If you don’t, it won’t take good care of you. This is why you should clean it regularly. However, that might be a tough task if you’re not sure how to do so. So, to help you, our orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Scoma, is happy to give you some cleaning instructions.

First, it’s important to clean your retainer when you first take it out of your mouth. You can do so by putting it in a cup of denture or retainer cleaner. This will clean the appliance and also help it smell and taste better. It’s important to clean it when you first take it out of the mouth because you don’t want the plaque or other debris to harden. When they harden, they are very tough to remove.

When you notice plaque on your retainer, it’s important to remove it by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild dish soap. If you don’t have mild dish soap, just use water. Do not use toothpaste. Toothpaste can scratch the appliance.

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