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The holidays are here, and with them come delicious holiday meals. Here are some things you may find on the menu, and whether or not you can eat them while you have braces.

Turkey: Turkey and other protein-packed foods are an excellent source of phosphorous. Phosphorous helps the body absorb calcium, which strengthens teeth. Conveniently, they are perfectly fine to eat with braces–just cut the meat off of the bone, first, for optimal safety to your braces.

Mashed Potatoes: Mashed potatoes are soft and easy to eat. They are a starch, which many of us like to eat–but they do not stick to your teeth as other starchy foods do. This makes them less likely to contribute to cavity formation–AND they won’t stick to your braces! Munch away!

Veggie Platter: This one is a no-no. Raw and crunchy vegetables are hard on braces, and can break brackets or wires. But don’t ignore your vegetables entirely! Go for the softer steamed or baked options.

Fruit Salad: Fruit is packed with vitamins and nutrients. These are essential for overall mouth health. Be careful of nuts, though! Many fruit salads contain nuts of some kind, which can damage braces.

Cheeses: Cheeses are a tasty way to get in your calcium for the day, and they don’t hurt braces. They are also low in sugar, which makes a slice of cheese a great tooth-healthy snack! This holiday season, don’t shy away from goat cheeses. Not only are they tasty, but they have higher protein content than cow’s milk cheese, with less fat and fewer calories!

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