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The American Dental Association notes that you can start brushing and flossing your child’s teeth immediately after they develop. The Association also encourages families to bring their child to their first dental checkup within six months after her child’s first tooth and before her first birthday.  From that point on, they should attend a routine dental checkup twice each year.

Each of these appointments at Seaside Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Inc is designed to clean your child’s teeth while giving the dentist the opportunity to check for any developing problems and recommend a course of treatment.

Should our dentists, Dr. Anthony Scoma or Dr. Natalie Lam have any concerns about the strength of your child’s tooth enamel, they may recommend administering a simple fluoride treatment. This is more common with older children. It is a preventative measure that only takes a few minutes and can easily be included at the end of the appointment.

A fluoride treatment will bolster the mineral strength of your child’s teeth to help maintain their strength and prevent cavities.  Younger children and families that don’t have ready access to fluoridated water, might also benefit from prescription fluoride supplements. Some children might also benefit from dental sealants to help protect the chewing surfaces of their molars and premolars.

If you live in the La Jolla, California, area and your son or daughter is due for their next dental checkup you should call 858-551-9700 to schedule an appointment at Seaside Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Inc.